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Job Application form

Thank you for your application, please allow us to get back. Thank you.

Terms and Conditions of Employment


  1. Cleaners are not allowed to work for any competitors during their employment with the company and 3 months after termination or resignation from The Ideal Element. 

  2. Cleaners are expected to exercise caution so as not to put themselves in any risk or life-threatening situations such as cleaning of windows and ceiling lights etc. 

  3. Both male and female cleaners must always leave the client’s main door opened at all times except for effective cleaning so as to ensure their personal safety. 

  4. Cleaners must avoid any unauthorised removal or taking of any items from the client’s premise that does not belong to them. Should any act of theft or bad conduct be acted, the cleaner will be terminated immediately and he/she take sole responsibility for their own acts. 

  5. Cleaners are to finish their assigned job before resigning, a penalty of $500 fine to be imposed.

  6. By appying here, I agreed to the above

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