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About Us

Cleaning Ninja SG Cleaning Services


We, at the Cleaning Ninja dojo's mission is to ensure all tasks assigned to our ninjas are completed with the utmost cleaning competency and to the best of our cleaning abilities. We advocate the importance of cleanliness and quality housekeeping services. 


The Cleaning Ninja Code of Honour:


- having a keen eye for filth

- beats dirt to a pulp

- strict conduct of cleanliness 

- upholds the code of punctuality 


In order to facilitate us in our tasks, in either your email or call to our dojo, please state your cleaning requirements, the desired date and time and any other additional specifications such as, if you would like us to bring our buki (weapons as cleaning equipment)


Our rates are simple - at just $18 per hour for a regular cleaning, and $22 per hour for a one-off clean. (Minimum 3 hours of cleaning is required)


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